Transforming Company and Product Marketing into Emerging Brand Experiences


Karena K. Dillon

Managing Member

Karena Dillon possesses a distinguished retail marketing career in the personal skincare industry. For Focus 21, manufacturer of professional hair, skin andbody products, Karena directed educational and point-of-sales productmarketing. As a manager for the GAP personal care division, she playeda key role in launching the new personal care line at the GAP worldwideflagship store in San Francisco. She also directed distribution and retailsales for Clinique, a division of Esteé Lauder. Her marketing background also includes skin care salon and restaurantdevelopment, food service management and business marketing consultation.Karena is actively involved with all agency clients. Her strategic marketplanning and trade show development have helped Agency clients earn numerousproduct recognitions and surpass sales goals. She is responsible for thedevelopment and implementation of plans, procedures and operational issuesfor Baker Dillon Group client projects. In addition to overseeing theentire client services department, she manages many of Agency’skey corporate clients. Karena is president of the Consultants Associationfor the Natural Products Industry (CANI), a non-profit group promotingmarketing services to health and food manufacturers nationwide. A memberof the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, Karena holds a Bachelor of Arts degreein health sciences from California State University, Fresno.

Sheldon Baker

Chief Executive Officer

With more than 25 years of creative managementexperience, Sheldon Baker has developed and directed a wide-range ofcorporate marketing programs, celebrity promotion and product branding.Originally launching the firm in 1986, he merged his firm with KarenaDillon, and formed the Baker Dillon Group. Previously, Sheldon wasaffiliated with several well-known marketing and retail sales organizationsincluding Edelman Worldwide in San Francisco, and Montgomery Ward andCNA Insurance in Chicago, developing advertising and public relationsstrategies. As senior partner with the Baker Dillon Group, he has directedprograms that have generated millions of dollars for agency clients.Sheldon holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from ColumbiaCollege in Chicago, the premier marketing and arts educational institutionin the U.S. Under his direction, the Agency has received top marketingcommunications awards from the Los Angeles Marketing Association, SanFrancisco Press Club, Peninsula Press Club and San Francisco Bay AreaPublicity Club. He is past president of CANI and the San FranciscoBay Area Publicity Club.


The Group

Michael Zap

Internet Architect

Michael directs the Baker Dillon Group Internet team. Combining design and programming experience, Michael oversees technical projects and coordinates the development of Client web sites plus Internet promotion and web, social and viral marketing. He created a series of interactive brain teasers and puzzles for the Kyowa Hakko and web sites, redesigned the site and created a web site for the Consultants Association. Other recent web projects include Hill Country Food Consultants, The Janka Project, and

Travis Huff

Chief Social Media Marketer

Travis oversees social media marketing optimization including branded integration, building customer loyalty, digital word of mouth, Facebook marketing campaigns, Twitter media tour, viral social marketing, web syndication and helping clients gain SEO rank. His true aspiration is to be the future social media "Billy Mays." Travis has worked hard to put Fresno digital advertising on the map. His background also includes broadcast media management at ABC-30 Television in Fresno, where he handled more than $1 million in annual advertising sales. In addition to his professional quests, Travis was a Board Member of the Fresno Advertising Federation for four years. He speaks to college graduate level students about following their passions and motivating them to conquer big dreams. Travis attended the Craig School of Business at California State University at Fresno, and holds a degree in business administration with an emphasis on marketing. He also has a certificate in mass communications and journalism, advertising and public relations.

Ron Wren

Broadcast Advertising and Promotion

Ron has worked with the Baker Dillon Group over a 30-year span writing and developing advertising campaigns for a variety of clients in the food, dietary supplement, financial, travel, automotive and other industries. His work includes story writing and placement in national consumer and a trade publication, planning and moderating focus groups, and frequently provides voice-over radio and TV announcing for clients. Ron has traveled the world producing and directing the 39-week PBS-station series, "Backroad Adventures." Prior to entering the marketing field, he was a television announcer-director, the Advertising, Promotion and Publicity Director of ABC-owned KGO and KGO-TV in San Francisco, and later the Public Relations Director of Westinghouse TV's KPIX-5, also in San Francisco. Ron is also a nationally-published freelance magazine writer and private pilot.

Dean Titus

Graphic Design/Print

Dean comes to Baker Dillon Group with over 23 years of graphic design and print experience. He leads a team of talented artists as well as digital and offset printing professionals. For the last 10 years Dean has assisted clients with the launch of new products and brands through logo development, collateral and package design and the printing of promotional materials. With his vast understanding of various printing technologies, Dean has helped clients solve their marketing challenges in a timely and efficient manner.

Sara Lovelady


Sara, a.k.a. Wordgirl, has worked as a natural products copywriter for 14 years, including seven years as copywriter, brand manager and marketing director for Rainbow Light Nutritional Systems and seven years as a freelance writer. She has written copy for over 100 brands of natural supplement, food, body care, and clothing lines and has published articles in numerous consumer and trade natural health magazines and web sites.

Julia Schopick

Author Media Coach

Julia Schopick is a radio and social media coach whose book, Honest Medicine, has been an Amazon bestseller since its publication five years ago. She credits two promotional techniques, radio interviews and social networking, with her book's lasting success. Julia calls upon her background as a college English teacher, as well as her 30-year career as a public relations consultant, to teach authors how to promote their books online. She coaches clients on how to be more effective radio show guests, helping express the important messages of their book in the most compelling manner. She also coaches authors how to use social media, especially Facebook and blog comments, to enhance their online presence and sell more books. Julia has appeared on over 100 radio shows and on many of them, several times. Her work has been featured in print and online publications, including the British Medical Journal, American Medical News, The Atlantic, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune,, and Julia's knowledge and expertise, combined with her passion and follow-through make her the ideal media coach.

Strategic Partners

MediaMedic Communications

MediaMedic Communications, based in Mumbai, India, is dedicated to healthcare communications and has a deep understanding of the health industry including the nutraceutical, health food and pharmaceutical sectors. The agency's area of thought leadership consists of marketing communications and government regulations in India. MediaMedic Communications covers specialty areas catering to consumer health benefit communications and has dedicated themselves to service brands and products with a health message. The firm has expertise in providing health and nutrition science support, brand development, creative services and public relations, and fuses health messages with the precise media that creates the desired advantage and helps drive sales. MediaMedic is a member of Global Health PR, an international partnership of healthcare communications and PR firms serving global markets. The agency is led by Priti Mohile, co-founder and managing director with over 25 years of marketing experience in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical fields. Mohile, who has successfully launched many well-known products including the largest calcium brand in India, has a deep understanding of marketing, regulatory issues and consumer behavior, and has been the Honorary Joint Secretary of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association.

Robert Forbes and Associates

Robert Forbes and Associates (RFA) became a Baker Dillon Group (BDG) affiliate firm in 2009 to offer BDG clients a new and expanded marketplace for their products in Australia. RFA offers reliable regulatory and technical advice to suppliers and manufacturers of complementary medicines, dietary supplements, OTC medicines, cosmetics, personal care products and foods in the Australia marketplace. Established in 1993, RFA is Australia’s leading consultancy in the field of complementary medicines, with an international client base of over 500 companies. A team of degree qualified scientists and herbal medicine graduates provide a comprehensive range of services, with every project rigorously checked and cross checked to in-house procedures. Robert Forbes is managing director of Robert Forbes and Associates and has been involved in the complementary medicine industry for nearly 30 years. He has been a regulatory affairs consultant since the late 1980s. Robert is currently President of the Association of Therapeutic Goods Consultants in Australia and Vice President of the Consultants Association for the Natural Products Industry in the US.